AvroKO Blends Past With Present in Centara Reserve Samui

Centara Reserve Samui is a contemporary luxury retreat situated in Ko Samui, Thailand, designed by AvroKO. This resort renovation leans heavily on the architectural heritage of its location, weaving elements of the colonial past with the intricate artistry of traditional Thai wood carvings. The designers have skillfully updated these influences, choosing simplified forms and geometric patterns, all while introducing a striking theme that plays with the perception of weight and buoyancy across the resort’s design.

Lobby with dramatic tiered chandelier

Lobby with dramatic tiered chandelier

Upon entering, guests are greeted by an elevated pathway resulting in the lobby, flanked by water features that appear to defy gravity with their marble-stepped design encircling a verdant tropical centerpiece. The lobby itself is a study in balance and contrast, with a monumental reception desk set against oversized teak cabinets and ethereal floral art installations suspended from above. The fabric palette is deliberately muted, emphasizing texture over color.

Lobby seating area

Sa-nga venue with ornate lattice ceiling

The resort features three dining experiences – Act 5, The Terrace, and Sa-nga – each mixing colonial architecture with Thai motifs to take care of unique identities. Act 5 exudes formality with its homage to the pong lang instrument and a contemporary butcher’s shop aesthetic, accented with teak wood and custom floor tiles. The Terrace lightens the mood with its olive and white palette, curved bar, and organic elements inspired by natural formations. Sa-nga, playful and vibrant, draws from Benjarong ceramics and features Gaudí-inspired designs, showcasing the resort’s knack for mixing cultural influences.

Brass room numbers

Guest bedroom with seating area

Curved bedframe headboard

Guest room with curved wood screen

Guest bathroom with soaking tub

Guest bathroom with soaking tub

The guest rooms extend the thematic interplay of tradition and modernity, with features like curvilinear wood screens and stone desks that enhance the sense of privacy and luxury while maintaining a connection to the resort’s design ethos. Using light and neutral colours, together with fastidiously chosen materials and ornamental lighting, continues the narrative of latest elegance informed by heritage.

Bedframe with hanging pendants

Guest bathroom with bathrub and pendant

Minimalist chair adjacent a pool

To learn more about AvroKO’s iconic hospitality design visit avroko.com.

Photography by Owen Raggett.

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