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Curtains are a part of the house aesthetic, a very important element of home decor that also serves several practical functions. It prevents sunlight from entering the home and keeps our living spaces away from the glare of the shining sun. The curtain also provides privacy from prying eyes of bystanders. With their colours, patterns and textures, curtains add an accent to your private home decor. They fit into the space and type of the room or window and sometimes emphasize them. When deciding on curtains, design is the fundamental criterion that changes in each room. Nevertheless, curtains also witness latest fashion trends every season as designers bring fresh ideas for home and window decor.


Curtain Manufacturers London and leading designers resembling Zenn Interiors predicted that the brand new season’s curtain design trend could be inspired by minimalism and a rejection of pomposity.

Curtains for the front room

The front room is the showcase of your private home; here the visitor has a primary glance at your private home. It have to be attractive and exquisite to arouse admiration and mystery. Trends within the design of curtains 2020 for living rooms shall be based on originality, elegance and luxury. Fashionable designs of 3D curtains, which contain drawings of animals, flowers, fruits, are quite popular. These curtains bring a shiny accent, attract attention and wish to be admired.

Curtains for the bedroom

If the front room is the showcase of your private home, the bedroom is an intimate space where you rest and calm down. As a substitute of an accent, the goal here is coziness and luxury. For the bedroom, curtain designers recommend restrained classics in the brand new season, which emphasize nice tranquility. This might be achieved by combining a monophonic curtain and tulle, with tulle in airy, light tones and floral prints or abstract patterns. Heavy curtains and tulle in darker shades can create a nice semi-darkness that may ensure leisure even through the day. You too can put a blackout lining on the curtains in order that the bedroom is totally dark even through the day.

Alternatively, should you’re not a fan of curtains, roller blinds are an incredible option. Allusion roller blinds are product of a translucent fabric that’s barely more opaque than typical curtains. This provides enough privacy while still allowing light to be filtered into the room. Some blind allusion it is available in a wide range of styles and colours so you will discover one that completely suits your needs and matches your décor. As well as, they’re easy to open and shut, so you possibly can adjust the quantity of sunshine that is available in in line with your mood. Allusion blinds are an incredible option in your bedroom, front room or another area of ​​your private home that needs extra privacy and elegance.

Curtains for the kitchen

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Curtains for the kitchen deserve the identical care and a spotlight, if no more, than the front room and bedrooms. Here, each aesthetics and practicality ought to be considered. The kitchen is the place in the home where most relations spend a major period of time. So kitchen curtains must have a cheerful look. But the sensible side of the kitchen curtain will not be so jealous, with all of the moisture and temperature changes. They ought to be easily washable.

Curtain Makers London and a number one curtain designer Zenek interiors we recommend Roman curtains for the kitchen in the brand new season 2020. With cheerful colours and prints, these curtains add a nice touch without being heavy. Dry and concise curtains with traces of ruffles, draperies and decorations are preferred.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, the curtain designs beneficial by leading designers for the brand new 2020 season are inspired by minimalism. Thus, complex designs are off limits for now, and very easy ones take center stage. Easy patterns are dominated by Scandinavian, Japanese and Roman curtains. To create a romantic atmosphere, French and Austrian curtains inspired by Provencal motifs are highly regarded.


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