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Silicone Mold Remover is a cleaner designed for glass, metal and plastic surfaces. Grown mold in silicone can sometimes be difficult to remove with household products, so you’ll have this specialized solution as a substitute.

What’s a silicone remover?

Silicone remover is a cleaner designed to remove silicone from surfaces similar to glass and metal. It’s sold in hardware stores in addition to online.

The silicone mold remover is available in a sprig bottle and is a transparent liquid with no odor (although some people report an alcohol-like smell).

It must be noted that the silicone mold remover will only remove mold from the surface of things similar to glass and metal, not from the within.

How does a silicone remover work?

Silicone mold remover is a chemical that reacts with silicone, breaking it down. It’s a combination of solvent and catalyst that together dissolve the silicone. The solvent dissolves the silicone, and the catalyst hurries up the method.

The solvent is what allows the silicone remover for use. It’s a liquid that turns right into a gel when involved with silicone. The catalyst accelerates the response between the solvent and the silicone, which prevents the mold from melting.

Is the silicone mold remover secure for all materials?

When you plan to remove silicone from marble, soapstone, or every other stone surface, this process is not going to work. The very fact is that these materials contain a high percentage of quartz, which makes them such a beautiful alternative for his or her hardness and sturdiness.

Quartz has a really high melting point (1600 degrees Celsius) and doesn’t dissolve in water. Subsequently, it can’t be cleaned with an answer like silicone remover. You will have something stronger to remove the residue left by these kind of materials. One possibility is hydrofluoric acid, which might be found at most hardware stores but should only be utilized by professionals attributable to its level of toxicity.

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What does a silicone remover do?

Silicone remover is a solvent that might be used to remove silicone from surfaces including glass, metal, plastic and wood. Cleans and disinfects your own home area where did you utilize it.

Please note that silicone mold remover is just not intended for human or pet consumption. All the time use gloves when cleansing surfaces with this product (or every other solvent) and be sure children are secure before use.

Also, bear in mind that the silicone mold remover is flammable and must be utilized in a well-ventilated area. When you use it in an enclosed space similar to a rest room, be sure there is no such thing as a way for fumes to build up inside. Also, be sure you’ve gotten loads of water available in case of an accident.

When should I take advantage of a silicone mold remover?

When you’re attempting to remove silicone from a surface, a silicone remover is your best bet. It is usually effective when you would like to clean silicone molds and tools as it may break bonds between the fabric and other surfaces. It is just not really helpful to make use of on equipment that is just not fabricated from silicone (similar to plastic) because it is thought to break some plastics over time.


Silicone remover is a cleaner designed to remove silicone from surfaces similar to glass and metal. You will discover it at any ironmongery store or online store. One of the best solution to use this product is to follow the label instructions rigorously and use it only when mandatory.

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