5 Benefits Of Reverse Living Home Design

Having a house that you can call your own is indeed a dream come true, especially if you get to design and build it from the ground up. Unfortunately, building a home also has its share of hassles. From the financial aspect to finding the right contractor, you have to make sure that the process will go as smoothly as possible. And this is particularly true when it comes to your home’s design. Surely, you want to design a home that you won’t regret, as it can be expensive to re-do everything.

Traditionally, a two-story house follows the usual pattern––kitchen and living rooms on the first floor, while you can almost always find the bedrooms on the second. However, if you want to change things up a bit, you may want to consider a reverse living home design. 

What is reverse living home design?

Also referred to as inverted living or reverse living, the whole concept of this particular home design trend is slowly gaining traction in townhouses and new homes across Australia. But it’s actually a popular design in historic properties in Philadelphia and popularized in Scandinavia. Soon, the whole concept of reverse living may become common as it can offer plenty of benefits.

As mentioned earlier, a typical two-story house has bedrooms on the second floor, while the living area and kitchen are on the first floor. In reverse living, this setup is reversed, hence the name. You’re going to prepare your meals, entertain guests, or simply watch your favorite show in the living room on the second floor. Meanwhile, your bedrooms will be on the first floor. (1)

Benefits of reverse living home design

Perhaps you may find the whole design of reverse living awkward, especially since you’re not used to visitors or guests seeing your bedroom first before arriving at the living room. However, there’s a reason this home design has taken the architectural world by storm. 

If you’re interested in this design, you might want to consider a few things before calling a reputable custom home builder like Innova custom builders. With that in mind, here are some benefits you get with a reverse living home design:

Since your kitchen, living, and dining rooms are on the upper levels with a reverse living home design, it means you can easily maximize natural light. This is especially true if you live in areas where it’s sunny most of the time, like Australia or the Philippines. But why is it so important to get some natural light in your home? Here are some benefits of natural light:

  • Gives vitamin D
  • Improves focus and productivity
  • Maintains your body clock
  • Overall enhance your psychological wellbeing (2)

Also, since your bedroom will be on the lower level of the house, you don’t have to worry about natural light waking you up, allowing you to get good-quality sleep.

Children going upstairs to second floor their new modern house

Since your living space is on the second or third floor, this means that these spaces will have more airflow compared to the traditional designs. In turn, you’ll get to have better airflow in your living quarters.

Prope airflow will cool your household passively. Furthermore, since you’ll no longer be too reliant on your AC to cool your home, it can also translate to energy efficiency. Of course, this means you have to place your windows strategically, like cross ventilation.

Other than allowing you to save money on electric bills, another major advantage of having a reverse living home design is you get to enjoy a panoramic view, as you’ll now spend most of your time in an elevated position. This may be difficult to experience in a traditional design, especially if you have fences, close neighbors, and roads and pavements. But if you’re on the second floor, these views are no longer emphasized.

The fact that you can enjoy a panoramic view is the reason most people located in coastal towns prefer a reverse living home design. Not only is it going to be a romantic and scenic experience, but it’s also a perfect way to wow visitors and guests.

Rather than feeling confined on the lower floor, the entertainment area is now upstairs, which also provides the illusion of space. This way, your guests will feel that there are plenty of fun activities to do.

Usually, curtains, fences, and hedges are things that provide privacy in a traditional design. However, these security measures may block the sunlight, especially curtains, in exchange for privacy. And there are even curtains and fences that block so much outdoor view to the point that you’ll feel like you’re living in a dungeon cell.

As pointed before, you don’t have to worry about anything blocking your view in a reverse living home design. Hence, in addition to letting you bask in the view, it’ll also provide privacy, as most passersby don’t usually look up.

If you want to spice things up, you can even resort to a reverse living design where the children’s bedrooms are downstairs while the master suite is on the upper floor. This is ideal for people with older children, as they need their own sense of privacy too. You can even a mini living room downstairs so your kids will have a special area to entertain their friends without disrupting the main living room.

Since a reverse living home design is one of the trends of a new custom home, it means that you have the freedom to raise the ceilings. This may seem unfeasible if your living room is on the ground floor. In addition to giving the room more space, a high ceiling will also give architects and designers much room to work with as they plan the your home interiors.

Another advantage of higher ceilings is the fact that they can increase your house’s resale value. The fact that designers won’t feel too constricted when they change the decoration is a big plus for potential home buyers. (3)


Since the field of architecture and engineering is always evolving, you’re no longer limited to traditional home design nowadays. If your new home is situated somewhere with stunning views, it’s best to resort to a reverse living home design. 

Also, a reverse living home design will allow future homeowners like you to save money on electric bills. Not only will you get to enjoy the benefit of natural light; it’ll also be light on your pocket. Just make sure you’re working with a reputable contractor so your dream house will turn into a reality.


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