Veined Patterns Are Reborn in Silestone®’s LeChic Collection

For the primary time in two years, surface brand Cosentino has launched a brand new product from Silestone®: the Le Chic collection. Still heavily focused on innovation and sustainability, Cosentino, the Spanish global leader within the production and distribution of surfaces for architecture and design, continues to bring fresh options to its offerings with the addition. Effortlessly elegant, the Le Chic collection brings together fashion and design through the usage of expressive patterns that feature detailed veining and metallic accents. Silestone®, a frontrunner in quartz countertops, goals to disrupt and create trends with its designs, giving Le Chic’s one-of-a-kind detailing and 6 shades the power so as to add luxury to any interior space with a novel, sophisticated approach.

Bohemian Flame

The attractive touches woven throughout the Le Chic collection add depth when laid against a backdrop of cream and other wealthy hues. You would possibly call it veined patterns reborn, because it’s really redefining a timeless classic. The designs of Le Chic revisit shades through a contemporary interpretation as well, making a sense of timeless allure partnered with nostalgia.

overhead image of elongated white rectangular table and white banquet seating

Eclectic Pearl

Modern yet timeless in execution, the six shades of the Le Chic collection bring to life the charm of Victorian and Parisian spaces through the usage of emblematic natural, stone-inspired aesthetics. Eclectic Pearl, seen above, is a flowing stream of tones that may hypnotize you with its delicate veining, texture, and metallic accents that descend over all the surface – like a glittering piece of knickknack.

all white bath space

Versailles Ivory

If gold is your preference, look no further than Versailles Ivory. Crammed with warm golden veins and subtle two-toned background marbling, a gradient effect gives the illusion of flickering sparkles.

white and light wood kitchen

Victorian Silver

Alongside Versailles Ivory lies Victorian Silver, soft and subtle with similar two-toned background marbling. The difference lies within the cool white background that blends with silver and grey veins for a result that works seamlessly with each warm and funky tones.

all black kitchen

Bohemian Flame

With a visible impact that proclaims its presence, Bohemian Flame presents subtle veining with metallic inlays of copper shades. It only is sensible that it’s inspired by lava flows that scar volcanic soil, while concurrently bringing to mind the flame of a candle.

all grey kitchen

Parisien Bleu

City lights have their moment with Parisien Blue, a deep tone with a powerful personality and character inspired by the shades seen in famous Imperial Roman stones combined with ochre veins.

dark grey kitchen space

Romantic Ash

Lastly, there’s Romantic Ash, symbolic of the milky way on a transparent, starry night. A blue accent adds extreme depth to the pattern, highlighting the crystal and silver particles making them seem like in motion.

white bath vanity and mirror with grey floor and wall

Parisien Bleu + Victorian Silver

Sure to change into a classic, the Le Chic collection also represents an advancement in Cosentino’s surface manufacturing evolution. The intricate, interlocking veins are made by the brand’s latest molding system, giving life to particles and minerals in a variety of sizes to create a brand new texture. Silestone® is produced through a sustainable manufacturing process – key to all of Cosentino’s products – that uses lower than 40% crystalline silica in its composition, 99% reused water, 100% electric energy from renewable sources, and a minimum of 20% recycled materials. This proprietary HybriQ+ Technology® supports Cosentino’s mission for a clean, renewable, and secure surface offering.

“At Cosentino, I imagine we must strive to uphold our core values of innovation and sustainability with each product we recommend,” said Valentin Tijeras, Product, Innovation and Quality Vice President at Cosentino. “With Le Chic, we’ve made great strides by way of surfacing technology by manufacturing the veining in such detail… That is an exciting milestone for the Silestone® portfolio, and we’re proud to find a way to proceed to fabricate these collections sustainably with our HybriQ+® technology.”

dark grey and light wood kitchen space

Romantic Ash

Silestone® products with HybriQ+® technology contain a minimum of 20% recycled materials, similar to glass, of their composition. The fabric is manufactured in two formats – standard and jumbo – with the usual format measuring 53 x 119 inches and the jumbo at 62 x 126 inches. They’re also available in 12 mm, 20 mm, and 30 mm. Attributable to quite a lot of thicknesses, Silestone® could be used for kitchen and bath countertops, backsplashes, shower partitions, bath podiums, custom sinks, shower bases, wall cladding, fire mantles, stairs, furniture coverings, table plateaus, and more.

white and light wood kitchen

Victorian Silver

Sustainability has been at the guts of Cosentino’s business model since its founding in 1979. The Almeria, Spain-based company has consistently invested in research and development ever since, striving to create environmentally friendly products and processes, in addition to environmental conservation. The brand’s production embodies its respect for the environment, making efficient use of natural resources, similar to 100% renewable electric energy at its Industrial Park in Almeria and factory in Vitoria, Brazil. The truth is, Cosentino has one in all the biggest self-consumption solar installations in Europe – it’s able to generating 15% of its annual electricity consumption. In 2022, 197 energy efficiency measures were implemented, saving 18.6 GWh.

All of this said, it should come as no surprise that Cosentino works to attenuate and offset the brand’s carbon emissions by monitoring and calculating its carbon footprint annually. In 2022, the brand’s carbon footprint (Scopes 1-2-3) was reduced by 6.1%, achieving a 12.8% accrued reduction compared to 2018. Cosentino even developed an Energy Transition Plan as a part of its Carbon Footprint Reduction Plan to speed up the energy transition and emissions reduction.

all white kitchen

Versailles Ivory

Known for its pioneering brands – Silestone®, Dekton®, and Sensa® by Cosentino – Cosentino is leading a brand new model of circular development aimed toward making higher use of our resources while finding ways to make today’s waste the resources of tomorrow. That features 99% recycled and reused water, achieving 0% liquid discharge into rivers and seas, over 15% of waste recycled, and greater than 7.5% of recycling raw materials used over total raw material consumption.

As an industry leader, Cosentino’s continued deal with progressive research and development, respect for the environment and sustainability, and an ongoing commitment to society and the communities by which it operates, makes an impact. When combined with the brand’s large catalog of surface options, now including the Le Chic collection, there are multiple reasons to explore and learn more.

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