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Bar tables have gotten increasingly popular not just for home use, but in addition for business purposes. Stylish and at the identical time practical bar tables assist you to create compact bar spaces.

You could have to keep in mind various subtleties and individual preferences to decide on the correct one bar table for your property. This requires careful planning. Selecting a designer model that matches perfectly with the furniture set and complements the room, making it more practical and cozy in on a regular basis life, is crucial.

Accommodation options

There are numerous ways to put a bar counter in a small kitchen. The alternative of installation features directly is dependent upon the preferences of the client and the characteristics of the room. Key options include:

  • To avoid wasting space, it is cheap to show the windowsill right into a bar table. Perpendicular installation can be allowed. The model is placed in such a way as to make sure free air access to the radiator and free opening of the window sashes.
  • The arrangement along the free wall goes well with the linear arrangement of furniture in a narrow room. Due to this method, the length of the countertop can reach impressive dimensions. Adding a couple of shelves will give the design a whole look and create space for storing. To extend the realm, you should utilize the rotary section. One edge is attached to the table top, and on the opposite side there may be a support finished with a roller.
  • The highest of the folding model is frequently in an upright position and quickly rises when needed. This selection may be called essentially the most rational when it comes to space use. And in case you attach the folding part to a narrow plinth, you’ll be able to get a rise in width.

The built-in bar counter may be hidden under the countertop of the kitchen set. It’s pulled out by turning across the carrying element or along the guides. The drawback of the design is the reduction of the gap from the ground in relation to the usual value. This drawback is expounded to the peak of the countertop.

Design features

The premise of the bar counter may be separate supports, solid elements and brackets. In the primary case, chrome-plated metal tubes and picket legs with a round, square or rectangular cross-section are used. This design looks elegant and doesn’t clutter the room.

The second option assumes the creation of further storage spaces in the shape of cupboards. The supporting frame may be made from chipboard, MDF, solid wood and drywall. In a small kitchen, creating such a design is unreasonable.

The brackets securely support the tabletop mounted to the wall. Within the folded version, the limiters are attached to the back of the quilt and, after being lifted, take the specified position on their very own. Their number is dependent upon the length of the surface. The dearth of contact with the ground positively affects the general perception. A well-chosen bar counter may be a gorgeous interior solution for your property.


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