21 of probably the most amazing outdoor campfire ideas you may love

Everyone loves to assemble around a warm fire with family and friends – take your outdoor entertainment to the following level with an attractive and unique fire pit. From modern and complicated concrete to rustic and classic stone, these amazing outdoor fire pit design ideas will encourage you to create your personal backyard oasis.

Whether you are on the lookout for a sleek and modern design or a conventional stone structure, we have put together a group of ideas to show you how to find the proper fire pit to fit your outdoor space. There are numerous creative ideas to assist bring some warmth and atmosphere to your backyard.

A backyard fireplace is a straightforward and cheap idea for creating a super outdoor meeting place. Whether you are on the lookout for a sublime place to entertain yourself outdoors or a comfy spot for family and friends, these amazing outdoor fire pit ideas have something for everybody.

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1. Classic concrete hearth. A one-of-a-kind concrete and metal vessel for the fireplace was obtained Ernsdorf project. The outdoor furniture was from Sunnyland patio furniture. (By Southwest fence and terrace)


2. Corner meeting place. This cozy fire pit features clumping bamboo (these bamboo sticks will reach 20-30 feet) together with 3/4″ coral pebbles. The space is framed by a concrete seat wall covered with a smooth Stucco trowel and painted. There’s a “Cabot” stain on the fence. The pergola was designed specifically for this backyard space, using 4x4s on top (rail space is 16″ in the center). The bracket that secures the post to the highest of the pergola is named the Post Saddle. To secure the posts to the bottom, an 18-inch (6 in x 6 in) iron sleeve was made and embedded within the concrete. The posts were then inserted and screwed on. The pergola is painted in the colour “Taupe” by Benjamin Moore. (By Carl Balton + Associates)


3. Natural hearth. The stones used for the seats are antique barn stones. Gravel surrounds the natural stone hearth and delightful landscape overlooking the lake. (By GreenScapes landscape architects)


4. Earth, water and fire. Native grasses surround and define this relaxing backyard space. The hearth bowl and water feature are by Wells Concrete Works and the Radial bench is by TM Lewis Construction. (By Gardens by Gabriel)


5. A fun garden. The gas hearth is surrounded by a backyard garden oasis. The hearth pit was created with floating hardwood seats, composite decking, a living wall and a water feature. The lighting scheme was created to increase the hours when you possibly can benefit from the garden, while introducing a magical mood within the evening. (By Garden design by Simon Orchard)


6. Do it yourself. Create a DIY campfire in your backyard to get along with family and friends. This stacked stone hearth was created using 4-5 bags of concrete, 5-6 bags of mortar, 10 pieces of rebar (roughly 24 inches long), Sandy Creek paving slab and steppers (1600 kilos) and fire brick (50 bricks ). Dimensions: 5 feet wide and 18 inches high. (By @creatingmybackyardsanctuary)


7. Benefit from the sunken space. Dimensions of the flooded area where the fireplace is situated, 12’x12′. The bottom of the seat is made from Insitu concrete after which covered with corten steel and wood. The substrate is 20mm Tuscan pebbles. The trees across the fence are Olea europaea ‘Tolley’s Upright’. (By Bayon Gardens)


8. Natural setting of the fireplace. The backyard of a Santa Barbara, California home includes this gravel area with a naturalistic hearth, roses, and fruit trees. Shrubs and plantings around this hearth give it a secluded feel. (By Donna Lynn Landscape designer)


9. A up to date outdoor oasis. This cozy backyard of an Atlanta home includes an ornate concrete patio with a custom concrete hearth and a floating bench made from Ipe. The luxurious landscape and cedar fence create a peaceful backdrop for urban living. (By Boyce Design and Ordering)

round hearth

10. Round hearth. A natural stone fireplace provides warmth and ambiance to this backyard of a Los Angeles, California home. The comfortable garden chairs are made from teak wood and were custom made in Bali, Indonesia. The stone used for the patio is Desert Oak Sandstone. (By Mark Tessier Landscape Architecture)


11. Square hearth. The peaceful forest background sets the tone for this backyard campfire, creating an intimate meeting place. A stacked stone hearth is surrounded by outdoor wicker furniture. (By Alderwood Landscaping)


12. Wall of the fireplace. A low stone wall surrounds the fireplace. Cobblestones result in a custom wood deck and gazebo for the last word outdoor dining experience and leisure. This backyard paradise also has a wood-fired pizza oven. (By Landscaping restored in paradise)



13. A brick terrace with a fireplace. Stones form the premise of this easy wood-burning hearth. The small and comfy patio was created using reclaimed bricks that we sourced from a house in Utah. The assorted shades and textures of the brick further enhance this easy design. The important thing to making a successful brick or cobblestone terrace is a properly prepared substrate. (By Kingbird project)

inviting backyard

14. An inviting backyard. Gather across the warmth of this glorious campfire. Expertly crafted with in-house brick veneer, fireclay cladding, custom wood grate and gas starter. It’s finished off with a surprising four-piece bluestone thermal cap. Furthermore, the sloping step has been rigorously excavated and preserved with curved steps of blue stone and cut limestone. Perfect for homeowners who wish to add this cozy atmosphere to their evening gatherings. (By Hursthouse Landscape Architects)

garden-patio and a place for a bonfire

15. Patio and garden for a bonfire. This backyard oasis offers simplicity and many natural beauty. A low rock face defines this outdoor hangout, in addition to gravel beneath the Adirondack chairs. (By Susan Els Garden and landscape design)


16. Garden Grotto. This metal hearth is surrounded by a garden corner consisting of a curved rock wall and brilliant flowers. Paving stones with grass in between create a natural aesthetic and defined patio space. (By Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association)


17. A standard brick hearth. This backyard hearth of a Denver, Colorado house is clad in brick. The waterfall within the background provides a calming environment. (By Landscape connection)


18. Create a comfy meeting place. Random boulders create a soft border around this campfire area. Bluestone paving defines the space and results in the pergola. (via Rolling Landscapes Inc.)

village bonfire

19. A magical summer evening. The romantic atmosphere of the sunshine from the fireside and candles provides a comfy and relaxing atmosphere on this patio terrace. Benefit from the view of the English countryside from the comfort of your soft furnishings. (By Susie Watson designs)


20. Havana of natural fire. “Havan” is a sacred Hindu ritual wherein offerings are made to the hearth. The halves of the partitions run in each directions: one for the fireplace and the opposite for the flower bed. (By Bayon Gardens)


21. Surrounded by nature. The point of interest of this backyard garden oasis is a round stone hearth. Grouping outdoor furniture provides a snug place to assemble with family and friends. (By InnerSpace electronics)


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