A Boerum Hill Residence With a Latest Romantic Aesthetic

Boerum Hill is a minimal residence positioned in Brooklyn, Latest York, designed by Bespoke Only. The designers, Melissa Lee and Erika Chou, drew inspiration from the Norwegian and English countryside, embodying the “latest romantic” aesthetic for which the firm has change into known.

To bring the design to life, the duo introduced a variety of background details that honor the dwelling’s historic roots while also functioning seamlessly inside the trendy setting. The project successfully melds the past and present, making a living space that’s each stylish and cozy.

Within the kitchen, a hunter green glass cabinet, which was salvaged from elsewhere, showcases the owners’ impressive collection of cookbooks – adding a splash of color to the comfy space. The kitchen also features archival William Morris wallpaper and subtle color combos that were inspired by the house’s 18th century roots, that are softly illuminated by antique opaline fixtures.

Melissa Lee explains, “The Boerum Hill project was all about bringing character and charm back to this historic townhome, a Federal style townhouse on arguably one of the quintessential tree lined Brooklyn blocks. We wanted the house to feel lived-in, soulful and most significantly, befitting its past and present. We reintroduced a series of “background” details that outline the integrity of a historic vernacular dwelling with aplomb – materials and finishes appropriate for its 18-century bones yet function fluidly in a contemporary day setting.”

The designers of Boerum Hill honor the dwelling's historic roots while also incorporating modern elements in the design.

Antique opaline fixtures softly illuminate the kitchen, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Bespoke Only brings the 'new romantic' aesthetic to Boerum Hill residence in Brooklyn, New York.

The designers honor the dwelling's historic roots while also integrating modern elements in the design.

Melissa Lee and Erika Chou of Bespoke Only bring the 'new romantic' aesthetic to life in Boerum Hill residence.

The designers honor the dwelling's historic roots while also integrating modern elements in the design.

A minimal residence in Brooklyn, New York designed by Bespoke Only, inspired by the Norwegian and English countryside.


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